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NIBP Module

  • UN300C NIBP Module
UN300C NIBP Module

UN300C NIBP Module

  • Model:UN300C
  • Dimension:60*82mm
  • Voltage:6/12V DC
  • Professional Medical Grade NIBP Module

Product Name

NIBP Module UN300C




l A wealth of experience in the R&D, with the perfect quality in the Measurement precision and Anti-motion. The product have been adopted by many company

l Support three Patient Mode: Adult/Ped/Neo

l Wide Measure Range

l Independent Software protect pressure
Adult: 300mmHg Ped: 240mmHg Neo: 150mmHg

l Independent Hardware protect pressure
Adult: 320-330mmHg; Ped: 265-275mmHg; Neo: 160-165mmHg

l Compatible with all of the NIBP protocol, including [EN1060-1],[EN1060-3],[IEC60601-2-30],[SP10]

l Compatible with the CAS protocol

l Stable performance for veterinary