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NIBP Module

  • UN300A NIBP Module
UN300A NIBP Module

UN300A NIBP Module

  • Model:UN300A
  • Dimension:90*96mm
  • Voltage:12V DC
  • Medical Grade NIBP Module

Product Name

NIBP Module UN300A




l Three Patient Mode: ADULT / PED / INFANT

l Dual overpressure protection : hardware and software

l Wide measure range , up to 270mmHg ,and wide Pulse rate: 40-240BPM

l High blood pressure precision: Average deviation:<=5mmHg,standard deviation: <=8mmHg

l Compatible with the CAS protocol

l Advanced software, resolve the many problems of the CAS module

l Sufficient experience in NIBP research, provide excellent technology support

l Multi-product series, including Low power, universal and High precise modules

l Stable performance, high cost performance, and already adopted by many key clients