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Veterinary Handheld Device

Professional Blood Pressure Monitor/Machine

  • Screen:4.3
  • Application: Veterinary
  • Optional:SPO2,ECG,ETCO2
  • Port:USB,Bluetooth,Wifi
Product High end Blood Pressure Monitor
Model VET800
Features 4.3 inch IPS touchscreen

Easy operation with friendly UI
Reliable veterinary BP technology with patent
Support two measure modes:Spot and Monitor
Widely use for ICU,emergency treatment etc.
Support 50 IDs for different animals
Data transmission by USB,bluetooth or WifiLow weight and easy to carry
Rechargeable Battery inside.

Specifications Measurement Range:

SYS                 40-270mmHg
MEAN              20-230mmHg
DIA                 10-210mmHg

Pulse Rate: