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Veterinary ECG Machine

  • Veterinary ECG Machine
Veterinary ECG Machine

Veterinary ECG Machine

  • Application:Veterinary
  • Screen:4.3 inch touchscreen
  • Channels:3/6 channels
  • ODM/OEM:Support

Product: Veterinary ECG Machine


1. 3/6 channel ECG machine with automatic interpretation
2. Manual/Auto working Modes
3. Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and 3-ch recording with high resolution thermal printer.
4. 4.3 inch Color TFT LCD display ECG wave and friendly menu setting.
5. Support touch panel and keypad input ways
6. Support SD card storage.
7. 120 seconds ECG wave freeze and replay function.
8. Lead-off detection and alert
9. Digital filtering, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference
10. Built in USB/RS232 interface(ECGNET software optional)
11. Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery support less than 3 hours continuously work.
12. AC power supply at 90-240V@50/60Hz

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