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Syringe Pump

  • UNB08A Syringe Pump
UNB08A Syringe Pump

UNB08A Syringe Pump

  • Model:UNB08A
  • Single Channel
  • Large LCD Display
  • Weight:2.5Kg

Technical parameters and characteristics

Main features:

Dynamic pressure display
Agile speed regulation
Drug library
USB sticks for storing data
Adapted to ceiling supply unit
Support wireless networking function
Large high-resolution LCD screen displays
Maximum syringe calibration,suitable for all brands
Data lock protects against unauthorized tampering
Well design user-friendly working status,supports audible alarm
Extended functions:blood-oxygen monitoring and heart rate monitor function
Multiple operational modes:Rate mode,Time mode,Body weight mode,link mode
Automatically detects various syringe types,accepts 5,10,20,30,50/60mL syringe
Lithium Battery, capable to support more than 6 hours for one channel continuous working