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ETCO2 Monitor

  • PC100SE ETCO2&SPO2 Monitor
PC100SE ETCO2&SPO2 Monitor

PC100SE ETCO2&SPO2 Monitor

  • Model:PC100SE
  • Display:3.5 inch
  • Sensor:Mainstream
  • Dimension:146*67*30mm

Product Name

Handheld ETCO2 Monitor with SPO2



Production introduction

l Monitoring SpO2, pulse rate, ETCO2 and respiratory rate;

l Update 255 hour historical data replay on PC through USB;

l Equip Spo2 and Respiratory Status Analysis Software,

l comprehensive data analysis,report printing;

l Suitable for clinical and emergency circumstance;

l SpO2, SpO2+CO2 selectable


l Professional Data Analysis Software for CO2 Monitoring

l Connecting the palm monitor to PC through USB

l Displaying ETCO2SPO2 Trends Table

l Controling Printer which connected by PC, outputing trend graph, trend table report

l Recording and storage objects respiration details in clinical