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Six-parameter Module

  • UN806 Six Parameter Module
UN806 Six Parameter Module

UN806 Six Parameter Module

  • Parameters:ECG/NIBP/SPO2/TEMP/RR
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Dimensions:7*10cm
  • ECG: 3/5 leads
Six parameters module
1. It is our new design module, which is including six-parameters (ECG, NIBP, Spo2, Resp, Temp
and PR)
2. Provide three /five ECG leads
3. Three Patient Mode, include Adult/PEd/Neo, the Default Patient Mode is ADULT
4. Five operating modes: Manual measurement mode, Automatic measurement mode, Continuous measurement mode, Calibration mode and Leakage check mode
5. Small in size, flexible in installment, highly reliable and accurate in testing. Rapid, accurate

testing. Continuously work.

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