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Sidestream ETCO2 Accessories Introduction Share

Sidestream End-tidal CO2 module accessories application effect comparison and fault analysis

Now the application of  End-tidal CO2 is more and more widely,from emergency call to first aid,from respiratory department to ICU,from traditional intubation respiratory monitoring to now COPD diagnosis,blood gas contrast;End-tidal CO2 appears more.With the development of infrared analysis technology,the sensor also develop follow the trend of small volume,high accuracy,digitization,low power consumption.Some faults belows:


Sidestream airway adapter

water trap

water filter

Accessories Image

Service life

2 weeks,can be reusable after drying

1 month

1 week


Respironics LoFlo Series

Philip Anesthesia multigas Monitor,CSI

Some manufacturers in China

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Adopt optical analysis and water vapor filtration system integrated design;the module will not be damaged if the secreta of the patient enter the internal of the module.

Water vapor filtration effect of the water trap is good,the area to collect the water vapor is big.However after the material failure,will block the gas path,module will also have a warming indicator

The use of the water filter is limited,and requires frequent replacement.There is a risk that while the secreta of the patient enter the internal of the module,the module may be damaged.

The three accessories if work together with the nation filter(a photo below),can reduce 70% of the module failure rate,and can also greatly expand the life of the filter accessories for the ETCO2 module.

According to the above analysis and the actual clinical effect,the best solution is the sidestream ETCO2 module work with the sidestream airway adapter,has the advantage of mainstream module----sensor will not be damaged easily,and advantage of sidetsream module----wide application.

For long-time,high frequency use,and not sensitive to the cost,we will suggest to adopt our high-performance solution which is the same as the Respironics with the sidetsream airway adapter.For some one who wants lower cost,we will suggest to adopt our new solution with water trap.


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