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ETCO2 Monitor

  • Wireless ETCO2 Monitor
Wireless ETCO2 Monitor

Wireless ETCO2 Monitor

  • Model:Capno EMER
  • Sensor Type:Mainstream
  • Display:OLED
  • Original:China

Product Name

Capno EMER  Wireless Capnograph



Product Introduction

Capno EMER has becoming the smallest wireless End-tidal Co2 Monitor in the world,Achieving the measuring of EtCo2 and Respiratory Rate in all Respiratory Conditions.Its small size, light in weight and low energy consumption(2 AAA chargeable battery can last for 4 hours),makes it flexibility and convenience obviously. Suitable for CPR and emergency transportation.

Application Field

Montioring the patient’s respiratory status during CPR

Monitoring the patient’s respiration during transportation

Verificating of ET tube placement