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Infusion Pump

  • UNM20 Infusion Pump
UNM20 Infusion Pump

UNM20 Infusion Pump

  • Model:UNM20
  • Touchscreen:Yes
  • Heating Function:No
  • Weight:<1.5Kg

Technical parameters and characteristics
Main features:

1. High accuracy: The accuracy for both infusion flow rate and volume are kept

   within 3% when theUN recommended infusion set is used.

2. High flow rate: Infusion flow rate can be adjusted from 0.1ml/h to 1800ml/h

   in a continuous manner, which makes UNM20 capable of meeting various
   flow rate requirements in different infusion cases.

3. Small size: Just 6.8cm tall and 1.5kg in weight, UNM20 dimension but also very light.
4. Fast installation: Patented Quick Mount system, which requires only one click to
   complete the pump installation.
5. Highly secure STM32 microcontroller: dual-CPU architecture design

6. LCD screen: A 2.8-inch TFT LCD display offers high contrast and visibility,
   which is sharp and clear even from a distance of 5 meters away.