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ECG Module

  • Mini8003 ECG Module
Mini8003 ECG Module

Mini8003 ECG Module

  • Lead:3/5 lead
  • Dimensions:27*15mm
  • Voltage:3.3V DC
  • Anti high-frequency electric-knife

Mini8003 ECG Module

Adopting digital filter technology
Selectable 50Hz or 60Hz band stop filter
500Hz、7  lead synchronous sample and analysis
Character Classification Up to twelve sort, and ST Segment Monitoring
Anti high-frequency electric-knife
Adopting single 3.3V power supply、low consumption and safely insulation
3.3V TTL  Communication
Small size,low consumption,adopt special ECG chip

Warming:this module is without high voltage isolation,it is for handhled ECG device with DC power supply.If you want to supply AC power supply,please add isolation.