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Handheld Vital Sign Monitor with Fast TEMP function Share

New Function Added to PC100--------Fast TEMP

After years of technical accumulation, we launched the first version of PC100 handheld monitor at the end of 2014. PC100 has no similar products at home. This product integrates blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse rate and body temperature function. It is suitable for hospitals, clinics, first aid, ICU and other high-end medical scenes. In addition, the product has strong motion resistance and high accuracy compared with the common sphygmomanometer, and is suitable for all kinds of common extreme patients. Small and easy to carry, so it is also a very suitable for household medical products.

We not only provide products, but also provide different solutions to meet different customer needs.

After the demand feedback from multiple customers. Our company is now introducing a quick body temperature solution that integrates the thermometer into our handheld monitor PC100. This product is a multi - use machine. It can replace four machines of blood pressure meter, blood oxygen meter, pulse meter, thermometer, and it is more reliable for blood pressure, blood oxygen and pulse than ordinary household medical products.


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